Lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015

Saldrá a finales de año por Sunny Bastards Records.

When I come home
My girl will wait for me
When she takes me in her arms
My sorrows fade away
She gives my heart all love it needs
She keeps my ass on track
And if I m deep in trouble again
She will bring me back

This is my home
This are my friends and family
The only place where I am free
It keeps me save, it gives me shelter from the rain
There is no better place to be
This is my home!

2. When I come home
My fam will wait for me
It doesn´t matter what shit I did
They will be there for me
They are the light that guides my way
The wall that saves my soul
And if I loose control of life
They´ll catch me if I fall

3. When I come home
My mates will welcome me
We always watch each other´s back
Respect and loyalty
If the times get sometimes hard
We will carry on
For ever be a lions pride
We know where we belong