Viernes, 24 de febrero de 2017

Band: Los Fastidios
Song: Kids Are Ready
Album: The Sound of Revolution
Year: 2017
Feat. Francesco De Veggent (Keyboards)
Video filmed by Nicolò Novali
Lyrics Video Editing by Elisa Dixan

Recorded @ Indie Box Studio - Brescia - Italy
Produced by Kob Records in collaboration with Casual Records / East Beat Records / Fire and Flames


Kids are ready to join the action
Kids are ready now down the street
Kids are ready to scream at the nation
Kids are ready to reclaim the street

You can hear their screams you can hear their sound
coming from the street, rumbling from downtown
You can see the kids marching down the streets, ringed by the blue lights
they reclaim the street, they reclaim their rights

no stopping them, nothing stops their minds
no stopping them, fighting for their rights
no stopping them, while they stop the lies about their life
no stopping them, nothing stops the fight

Kids are ready, in the street