Viernes, 24 de febrero de 2017

Legion 76

Contra Records

Longshot Music


It’s all across the their minds, you know they’ve seen it on TV
Blinds pulled across their eyes, they can’t decipher what they see
Sense made from laying down with thoughts they can’t dispel
Bought into hate again, I can’t believe the shit they sell
Sold out, cashed in, chalk it up to apathy
Time to find a higher ground, a place for you and me

Into darkness we fall, watch the world go up in flames
Into darkness we live, we can’t see the light of day
Into darkness we watch cultures fall in despair
Into darkness we breathe, waiting for a cleaner air

It’s got the best of them, diseased views are all I see
Suffering from helplessness and a mind that can’t be free
What stops the rest of us from being one drop in the well
Shadows reveal themselves, we know time will always tell
Stand up, strike down anything that you can see
Drive the demons out, cast them to obscurity