Mi?rcoles, 23 de enero de 2019

The EDL and BNP have crumbled to dust
Like weeds though the bastards spring on up
Heres to the kids decked in black hoodys, steel toes and bandanas
All you see is the intent in their eyes.
You’ve got to smash them in the brain,
I heard from LKJ Don’t give no quarter to their like.
We’ve seen their type before,
There is no platform to be afforded,
Fuck the “alt right”

Well they shut down the LD50 in Hackney
And I must confess I don’t feel no sympathy
Come radical frontline and warm this heart of mine
Sweeping old foes aside

There has only ever been on response that’s fit for fascists
And despite rebranding we’re going to call them what they are
There is nothing “alternative” in spewing out the same old neo-nazi shit
Thats all been heard before
They won’t find space to organise, march, or poison any mind
The brawling violence they incite

You’ll hear the people roar “there’s no platform” to be afforded
Fuck the lot of them
Let the fuckers rots
Stand up and fight the “alt” right.