Martes, 21 de enero de 2020

Adelanto del nuevo EP de la banda malagueña GUIRI RESORT.
Muy pronto a la venta a través de Tough Ain't Enough Records o la propia banda, ¡¡no te los pierdas!!

RICH BOY (I wanna be)
I wanna be a rich boy (x4)
I don't want to wake up early, I want to win the lottery
I don't wanna be a working class boy.
I wanna have ten servants, I wanna get my lawn cut
And a toilet bowl that by itself wipes up my ass
I wanna be a rich boy (x4)
I wanna meet the queen and invite her to a tea,
And her royal bouncers will have to kiss my feet.
I want my money in Switzerland or in Cayman Islands.
Contacts in Gov. I'm not proud of having a job because
I wanna be a rich boy (x8)

+info: [email protected]

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